Lesbian Sex Yoga Style

I went over to my yoga instructors house to take my lesson but instead, she gave me a lesson in lesbian sex! It was actually really fun to get naked and do our positions, especially when we did them together! Eventually, we ended up just licking eachothers pussies and making out, but it was one of the more interesting lesbian adventures I have had.

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My Friends Mom And Me

OMG, I never thought this would happen in my life! I was over a my friends house waiting for her to get home and her mom started touching my leg, really really close to my pussy, i was like... whaaa?? But she kept moving her hand up my leg and finally was touching my pussy, but I let her, I didn't stop her and next thing you know we were both naked and eating each others pussies like crazy! I'm not sure that I'll be going over to her house anymore.

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Just me posing a little

Hi there! I had this photo set shot of me and was just going to scrap it, but I decided to put it up online anyhow... wtf right?! Anyhow, I just got this new cool pink vibrator and I am about to test it out. I guess you'll probably be seeing that in a future episode! Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Giving A Great Blowjob!

Today my buddy came over to hang out and listen to some music, but when a certain song came on, we both looked at eachother and laughed but both thought to ourselves the same thing, that we were both horny as hell! Normally we would never hook up, but today we did. I gave him the best blowjob of his life!

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My First Anal Experience

I have always wanted to do anal sex but have always been too scared that it would hurt too much. But what the fuck, there's a first for everything. I couldn't resist but have this guy stick his stiff cock deep inside my tight little asshole and omg it felt so amazing. I'll tell you right now, you're going to see a lot more of this type of action!

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Fucking My Friends

I invited my friend and her new boyfriend over for some drinks and appetizers and shortly after they got here, they started making out on the couch, total PDA! I was like, give me a break, im all alone here. My friend had to use the bathroom and when she did, he grabbed my ass and kissed me. When she came back, he suggested that we all had a threesome and she gladly accepted! Ever since, he's been calling me everyday and they don't speak anymore.

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